Do you struggle with:


Learn to Prevent and Protect yourself from the dangers in today’s world. Feel safer, while making educated choices about your personal safety.


Increase your self-confidence. A boost in self-confidence is one of the most recognized benefits of martial arts!

Physical Fitness

Physical literacy to body awareness and total body workout are a few of the benefits of Master Rim’s Taekwondo.


Taekwondo is not only about kicks and punches. Young students will be experiencing a well structured martial arts character development program while adults will relieve stress and find inner peace.

We can help you look good & feel good!

Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids Taekwondo program develops physical literacy and body awareness while they have a lot of fun in classes. Carefully designed age appropriate martial arts character development programs will equip your child with a positive winning attitude.


Our Adult Taekwondo classes are extremely popular with men and women just like you who want to relieve stress and get fit. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and better equipped to deal with your life’s challenges.

Family Martial Arts

There are a lot of activities families try to do together, but there is one that can’t be missed: martial arts classes! It’s a fun and safe activity, where families go at their own pace.

Virtual Classes

All the benefits of martial arts training without needing to attend a studio! The virtual training curriculum offers education and development of life-skills whilst keeping your child fit and healthy, entertained, and active.


Hear what our members have to say:

taekwondo customer reviews

“My little guy enjoyed it so much that we signed up my middle daughter, then my oldest daughter, and now my wife and I are doing it too! It’s as entertaining to watch as it is to participate. The kids always have smiles on their faces. Loads of fun!”

David J
taekwondo customer reviews

“My kids have been loving their experience at Master Rim’s! The school really focuses on helping each student do their personal best. The instructors develop authentic and fun connections that will forever be impactful in a positive way no matter the length of the students journey.”

Jenn B

3 Steps to Getting Started in Taekwondo

Book a Free Trial Class with one of our professional coaches and get to know us! Join our incredible community and discover what you have been missing.
how to start taekwondo step 1Schedule Your Free Trial Class. Choose from our Calgary NW, Calgary SW, Red Deer, or Airdrie locations.
how to start taekwondo step 2Come to you free first class 15 minutes early wearing comfortable clothes. Loose fitting gym pants and a t-shirt is fine.
how to start taekwondo step 3Start Achieving a Life Goal. Joining Master Rim’s Taekwondo is an easy decision as, unlike many martial arts clubs and fitness gyms, we only charge month-to-month without an annual contract.

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