about Master Rim TKD

Years in Alberta

After the amazing community support for his first taekwondo school in Red Deer, Master Rim opened three more schools.


TKD Schools (Dojang)

Calgary NW, Calgary SW, Airdrie, and Red Deer.


Satisfied Students

Building kids' confidence, improving healthy lifestyles, and even multiple student medalists at several Pan Am Games.

Master Rim Taekwondo

“Although competitions have taken a lot of preparation and hard training, Master Rim taught me that the best part of the rainbow is not the pot of gold at the end, but the rainbow itself. He taught me to persevere in the face of adversity, and to find joy in what I do. Every single trial and hardship that I faced, namely my many injuries and balancing school and training, has brought blessings in disguise: perseverance, determination, endurance and motivation. On the contrary, with each blessing came responsibility; as a part of Team Canada and a role model to students at Master Rim’s Taekwondo, I have to act responsibly and train responsibly. However, whatever the burden, I am happy to take it on as part of the journey.” –Valerie Ho, Lima Pan Am Games Silver Medalist

Master Rim’s Accolades:

  • BA and Specialist, Physical Education
  • ATC, Certified Athletic Trainer
  • 7th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and Certified International Master Instructor (World Taekwondo Federation)
  • ChPc, Chartered Professional Coach by Coaching Association of Canada
  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido (Korea Hapkido Federation)
  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Judo (Korea Judo Federation)
  • Visiting Professor at the Department of Taekwondo and Kinesiology at the Chunnam Kwahak College in Korea
  • Learning Facilitator, NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program of Canada)
  • Trilingual in Korean, English and Russian
  • Canadian National Team Head Coach
  • Lima Pan American Games (Lima, Peru)
  • Lima Pan Am Games Qualification Tournament (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
  • 2019 Pan Am Jr. Championships (Oregon, USA)
  • The 11th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships (Taipei City, Taipei)
  • The 10th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship (Lima, Peru)
  • The 8th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship (Bali, Indonesia)
  • The 7th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship (Tunja, Colombia)
  • The 6th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship (Vladivostok, Russia)
  • 2018 Pan Am Championships, (Spokane, Washington: Awarded as a Best Coach)
  • 2017 Pan Am Junior Championships (San Jose, Costa Rica )
  • 2013 Pan Am Jr. Championships (Queretaro, Mexico: Awarded as a Best Coach)
  • 2012 Pan Am Taekwondo Championship (Sucre, Bolivia)
  • 2011 Spain open international Yongmoodo Championship (Murcia, Spain)
  • 2011 World Yongmoodo Championship (Pohang, Korea)
  • 2011 Pan Am Jr. Taekwondo Championship (Nevada, USA)
  • 2010 Pan Am Taekwondo Championship (Monterrey, Mexico: awarded as a best coach)
  • 2nd World Para Taekwondo Championship (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • European Championship (Alicante, Spain) Team Ukraine
  • 2003 Moscow Open International Championship (Moscow, Russia) Team Ukraine
  • 1st World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship (Seoul, Korea) Team Ukraine
  • 16th World Taekwondo Championship (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany) Team Ukraine
  • Martial arts instructor of Special Force, Anti-Terrorist Unit of Ukraine Interior Ministry
  • International Referee (World Taekwondo Federation)
  • PATU Referee (Pan Am Taekwondo Union)
  • Author of a Taekwondo text book

“Master Seoungmin Rim is not only a great instructor and master coach in Taekwondo, but is a man with great expertise, commitment and integrity. He has contributed greatly to my success at provincial, national and international competitions. I have been fortunate to be coached by this very knowledgeable Taekwondo Master and privileged to have him as a mentor, coach, and friend.” –Master Shelley Vettese-Baert, Bronze Medalist in Taekwondo-1992 Barcelona Olympics-

Fully Qualified Instructors

Master SJ Rim Calgary taekwondo

Master SJ Rim

SW Calgary


  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido
  • B.A in Literature

“Master SJ Rim has devoted his energy into making children’s classes fun and energetic for everyone. He teaches discipline and self control while showing a smile on his face. Each of the classes he teaches, students learn skills that will benefit them throughout life whether it’s in self confidence, physical skills, or even in bully prevention. Master SJ Rim understands that not everyone learns the same way, so he’s always finding innovative ways to engage with everyone. He makes sure each student leaves with a new skill in mind.” -Katie

“The whole staff is amazing, especially Katie who can answer any of your questions. You will become part of a huge family where no matter your belt rank or ability, you are somebody.” -Kevin

Master Deok Ho Nam taekwondo Red Deer

Master Deok Ho Nam

Red Deer


  • B.A Physical Education
  • 5th Dan Hapkido
  • 4th Dan Taekwondo
  • 2nd Dan Judo
  • Former martial arts instructor of Indonesian Army

Master Nam believes that the most important factor that contributes to longevity in martial arts training are sturdy basic skill and joyful workout. In his class, beginners will experience a fun and easy start in their martial arts journey. Advanced students can benefit from Master Nam’s attention to detail, being able to sharpen their skills to the next level. As everyone is unique, Master Nam help students thrive by finding ways to teach using the right trick that works for each student. He dedicate himself in trying to help each of his student to grow into the best version of themselves. On the days when he is off the mats he loves to go camping with his wife and two kids, and making videos about his martial arts journey.

“Master Nam was able to get more focus out of my son than I have have ever dreamed of seeing. He has a great way with kids.” – Terry O.

“He has such an unique positive way to work with people and especially with kids that brings the best of them! I highly recommend Master Rim’s Taekwondo Red Deer!” – Natalia

“My son is 8 and has struggled with self confidence and self control. In the 5 months since he joined Master Rim’s, he has improved his focus at school, is proud to help around the house and even gets along better with his sister.

Best decision I’ve made for my son! We love Master Nam and the whole Master Rim’s team.” – Janlyn T.

Master Junki Hong taekwondo SW Calgary

Master Junki Hong

SW Calgary


  • B.A, M.A Physical Education
  • 4th Dan Taekwondo

Master Hong believes that Taekwondo can positively help Taekwondo students grow, that’s why he always strives to create an active and enthusiastic class and a safe classroom environment. As he teaches Taekwondo, he grows along with his students. He believes with all of his heart that his students in Taekwondo will become amazing martial artists and hopes one day, they will share their love for Taekwondo with others. Like Canada’s beautiful nature, he wants to share the charm of Taekwondo with everyone.

Master Park taekwondo-instructor Calgary SW

Master Park

SW Calgary

  • B.A, Physical Education
  • 5th Dan Taekwondo
Master Park wishes that Taekwondo is as of present for those all who meet it through him. Just as our students train for their goals, he always not only polish his skill to teach our students but also trains himself to be a better Master. He also has diverse experience teaching from children to adults in South Korea, New York, Florida, Germany, Estonia, and Papua New Guinea. He is very delighted about sharing his experience with our students at Master Rim’s Taekwondo. Outside of work Master Park enjoys talking about Taekwondo, reading books, and going hiking.
Rosalind Widmer taekwondo Red Deer

Instructor Rosalind Widmer

Red Deer

ABOUT Instructor Rosalind Widmer
  • 4th Dan Taekwondo
  • Silver Medalist, Pan Am Championships (Spokane, Washington)
Josh taekwondo Airdrie

Instructor Josh


ABOUT Instructor Josh
  • 4th Dan Blackbelt
Instructor Josh is always trying to help his students improve. Every class he leads he tries to make it both enjoyable and beneficial to all his students. Instructor Josh is currently studying Mechanical Engineering Technologies at SAIT. During the time that he is not studying for school or doing his Taekwondo training, Josh enjoys tinkering with computers and electronics.
taekwondo instructor Liam Red Deer

Instructor Liam

Red Deer

ABOUT Instructor Liam
  • 4th Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo
Instructor Liam is a patient instructor always ready to take time and energy to sympathize and grow his students. He is always inspired by the mental and physical aspects of taekwondo and is always open to learning ways to improve himself and his students. When instructor Liam is not teaching the class he’s enjoying nature or playing music.
taekwondo instructor Sean Airdrie

Instructor Sean


ABOUT Instructor Sean
  • 4th Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo
Instructor Sean is always trying to find new exercises and ways to practice the curriculum to help his students no matter their learning style. He understands that everyone is different so he tries to create individual expectations to help them reach their highest potential. He believes that his students can achieve anything they want in Taekwondo and if they work hard will do my absolute best to make sure they achieve it.
Calgary NW taekwondo instructor Daniel

Instructor Daniel

NW Calgary

ABOUT Instructor Daniel
  • 4th Dan Blackbelt
Instructor Jungmin enjoys teaching the students as much as he can. He is always impressed with the amount of power a student can create and how much they grow when they are at Taekwondo! Instructor Jungmin is currently at the University of Calgary and taking engineering, and still finds time to constantly improve and find fun ways to make learning fun! When he is not teaching or not at school, he enjoys soccer, creating great videos, and inventing new things!
instructor Sydney Red Deer taekwondo

Instructor Sydney

Red Deer

ABOUT Instructor Sydney
  • Blackbelt Taekwondo
Instructor Sydney enjoys teaching the life that is Taekwondo and is always looking for new ways to help push her students. She realizes that all students learn in their own way, and that every student has amazing potential. She is always improving her skills herself so she can be the best version of herself for her students, just like previous instructors were to her. Her favourite thing about instructing taekwondo is watching her students, no matter their age, grow up through the belts and watch them create their own taekwondo identity. Outside of taekwondo Instructor Sydney enjoys playing hockey during the winter and biking through the summer.
TKD Red Deer instructor Kayley

Instructor Kayley

Red Deer

ABOUT Instructor Kayley

  • Blackbelt Taekwondo

Instructor Kayley strives to achieve classes where kids can leave with a smile. Finding the most immersive methods, using applicable teaching with a twist and creating an environment where students are excited to learn is her #1 goal. She trains hard and is always trying to find new and innovative ways to get all of the important points across. She’s always ready to help students in any way they need and can’t wait to watch them improve and grow. As she continues on her own Taekwondo journey she hopes to help guide those down their own path as others once did for her. In the time that she isn’t instructing or training you can find her in the kitchen, watching naruto  with friends.

Ms Donna Red Deer

Ms. Donna

Red Deer

ABOUT Ms. Donna Ms. Donna has been in the customer service industry for over 10 years. She joined Master Rim’s Taekwondo family in May 2021 and is enjoying every moment. She loves seeing the kid’s energy and enthusiasm and their hard work paying off. She loves meeting the parents and helping them with their very needs. Looking forward to a great 2023!
Hyunju Kim SW Calgary

Miss Kelly

SW Calgary

ABOUT Miss Kelly Miss Kim enjoys experiencing and challenging a lot of different things in life. She is very honoured to work where she can improve her skills. She also loves going on hikes, doing CrossFit, and travelling the world.
Mr Han Airdrie

Mr. Han


ABOUT Mr. Han Mr. Han has been working with Master Rim’s Taekwondo since March 2020 and is grateful to work in an environment where teamwork and a positive attitude are so important. Outside of work Mr. Han enjoys camping, photographing, and playing Ping-Pong.

Hear what our members have to say:

taekwondo customer reviews

Both my daughters attend here, and one of them has achieved her black belt and the other is well on her way. The approach this place has towards teaching kids is amazing, we shopped around when we first considered Taekwondo and this was the place we received the best word-of-mouth reviews. We put in our first daughter to build up her confidence and for the exercise, but we have gotten so much more. Very, very grateful to all the instructors and Masters! I wholeheartedly recommend this place!

C. Gonzalez
taekwondo customer reviews

I started Taekwondo 7 years ago and it definitely changed my life. The Masters and Instructors deliver high quality instruction. 7 years later and I still have so much to learn and I enjoy every bit of it.