Our martial arts birthday party is amazing. Thank you for kind email with the compliment.

Thank you so much to Instructors Mark, Adam and Natalie for putting on THE BEST birthday party for our son on Saturday! Everyone had an incredible time, as evidenced by the excited chatter of the kids to their parents when they were picked up.

They made all the kids feel special, as well as the parents of the birthday boy. The board breaking and cutting of the cake with the sword were memorable, but I especially loved watching my husband play tug-of-war with our son and his brother, and I felt pretty powerful breaking that board as well! It was really special that 3 other guests were chosen for their attention and best behavior to break boards, and I can assure you they all felt really proud.

It really was an incredible event that left us with smiles on our faces for the rest of the day.

Thank you so much again for putting on an impressive party!

Grateful parents and family